Express Capital Partners (ECP) provides business funding for growth through the purchase of an equity stake in your business. Because we invest directly in your business, we have a real interest in its success and as shareholders, we'll work with you to ensure that your business reaches its potential and achieves consistent profitability.

How can we help you?

ECP can provide additional funding for your business in return for an equity stake, allowing you to invest in expanding your business. You'll also gain experienced and expert business partners who believe in your enterprise just as much as you do.

Why choose us?

ECP are your ideal partners for business expansion. We are passionate about businesses and seeing them grow and succeed, and we bring considerable financial and legal assistance to the table - making your business stronger. We do not look to take over businesses, but rather to partner with them on their journeys.

Our relationship with your business will be governed by a shareholders' agreement providing complete transparency when it comes to our respective rights and responsibilities.

How it works

It's only right and proper that we make a thorough assessment of the financial health of your business before we decide to invest. Based on our initial examination of the available data, we will determine whether we are interested in the deal that's on the table.

The first step would be a meeting with you as the business owner(s) so that we could get to know you and get more of a feel for your business. We would then progress to the due diligence stage - an essential step in safeguarding both our investment, and your enterprise.

Due diligence

Due diligence on your business as carried out by ECP is a non-refundable, upfront cost to you as the client. Completing due diligence does not guarantee that ECP will purchase a stake in your business, but we only move to the due diligence phase if we are confident that (at least on face value) your company is a viable growth vehicle.

Once we have completed the due diligence, we would then negotiate and enter into a shareholders’ agreement with you.

Exiting the deal

Every ECP equity stake investment includes an exit mechanism whereby you have the option to buy out ECP's stake at a market-related price, from a pre-agreed date.

Apply now

If you believe that an ECP equity stake deal could help your company grow, and that we would share that belief, please contact us today.