Businesses with a merchant device that has a consistent daily income stream, such as a bar, club, restaurant, retail, etc.

Regardless of any decision made by your bank, we’ll assess your company’s financial position and see how we can help.

If your application is approved, the working capital could be in your account within three working days.

Subject to approval, any amount from R50 000 to R2 000 000.

Please note that shareholders’ personal surety is required.

It’s simple – you pay as you trade. You simply return an agreed % of each transaction to us.

A Merchant Cash Advance is not an interest-based product.  We make an offer to buy your future turnover at a discounted rate today.

Unfortunately not – we can only help businesses that have been trading for six months or more.

EBC provides business funding where we believe there is potential to grow. If you require business rescue funding or assistance, please contact ECP for help with turnaround strategies.

It’s easy – contact EBC today.